Canadian Thought Leaders Podcast - Jeff Dionne on Open Source

Last week's Canadian Thought Leaders podcast was with Toronto-based Arcturus Networks's CEO and visionary, Jeff Dionne. Jeff is the co-author uClinux, and has been close to the Open Source community for some time. He was a speaker at the Open Source Summit that was part of Fall VON, and shared his views with me last week. The podcast is now up on VON Radio, and you can also hear it here.

By the way, for those of you wanting to know more about VON Radio, and the ever-growing archive of podcasts, make sure you go to the right place! There are actually two VON Radios. The version is best found through the website, and you'll find the link there.

However, if just lazily type in, you'll quickly discover another flavor of VON radio altogether - Voice of Nevis Radio. Ya, mahn - this is the place for the latest and greatest from this tiny island in the Caribbean. Now you know!

Next week's podcast is with Alec Saunders, CEO of Ottawa-based Iotum Corp. Alec will be calling in from the Internet Telephony show out in LA. Good luck out there, Alec!