VoIP Is Happening, But We're Not There Yet

Today's Globe & Mail published an interesting little stat about VoIP. They run a regular feature called Click Counter, where they regularly poll readers of their technology section about various topics.

From a pool of 767 respondents, 65% said the DO NOT use VoIP. Ouch. That's really not very surprising, although this particular population should be pretty tech savvy. On the flip side, one could also say that 1 in 3 DOES use VoIP. Now, that sounds a whole lot better.

Perhaps more interesting is that among users, more are using VoIP via their PCs than their phones. So, among the 35% who are users, 19% use the PC for VoIP, and 16% use the phone. Keep in mind that the Canadian VoIP market is about a year behind the US, so I'm not surprised about the low incidence for phone use. I'd expect that number to be bigger a year from now. With the PC being the most common way to use VoIP, I'd have to say this bodes well for Skype, and the IM clients that are now jumping on the voice bandwagon.