Skapple - I Still Like the Idea - Here's Something Close

Prior to the Skype/eBay deal, I posted my view that Apple would be a good fit for Skype, which I reiterated post-deal at the VON Blogger Panel last week.

CNET News ran a nice piece today about softphones, and was a great feature for Mark Bruk, and his recently renamed company, CounterPath (formerly XTen - Canadian, btw!).

The article made a reference to portable devices like the iPod possibly getting telephone interfaces someday. So, instead of Skype, maybe it will be with CounterPath - fine by me - I still think it's a good idea.

"Rumors are already swirling that Google is developing its own software and hardware for a Google phone. It's not too difficult to imagine a piece of software as a plug-in for Apple Computer's iPod--turning it into the iPhone--or a personal digital assistant becoming a PDA-phone."

My only regret is that if this happens without Skype, they wouldn't call it the Skypod - which I think would be a great name!