NEWSFLASH - Another 1,000 VoIP Subs Coming in Canada

Wow, can you believe it? We're rocking now.

The Globe & Mail today reported that Cogeco's CEO, Louis Audet made an announcement along these lines at an investor conference.

Cogeco is Canada's #4 MSO, and have recently come to market with VoIP. The top 4 - Rogers, Shaw, Videotron and Cogeco - dominate the overall cable market here, and they all now have VoIP. In US terms, this would be like Charter saying they're expecting 10,000 VoIP subs in year 1. Oh boy.

That said, Mr. Audet says their numbers are on the conservative side -in true Canadian fashion - be safe than sorry - eh. And looking to next year, they figure to hit 8,000. Bring it on. Is this really newsworthy? Maybe because it's so small - but that's a different story. These meager numbers worry me, and say that Canadian cablecos are playing it very safe with VoIP. I don't see any Time Warners in this mix, and Vonage Canada probably doesn't have nearly as much to worry about as their parent in New Jersey. It's another example of what I've been harping on lately about the state of IP among Canadian operators. Someone - please - prove me wrong!