Maxwell Smart - He Will Be Missed!

The blog isn't always about tech - I also love comedy, cinema, music, the Red Sox, etc. - and I just have to note the passing of Don Adams.

Get Smart is still my favorite show from the 60s, and it's been off the air as far as I can tell for ages. I don't know who controls the rights, but it's one of the few classic TV shows that I can't find on DVD. Maybe Mel Brooks and/or Buck Henry were smart enough to know this show would have some real staying power.

Jeff Pulver made a great reference to the show at a recent VON about how visionary the show was in terms of all the gadgets they'd come up with. And of course, nothing tops the shoe phone - who knew???

I'm sure we all have our favorite episodes - so many classics and great characters to choose from - the Laser Blazer, the Craw, Mr. Bob, Max's mother-in-law, Hymie, Shtacker, Bronzefinger, the Cone of Silence, Rupert of Ratheskeller, Don Rickles, the Tequila Mockingbird, Leadside, Smartacus, etc. I have to stop now - makes me just want to watch 'em all over again. They just don't make them like they used to. Agent 86 - we'll miss you big time!