Oakley's RZRWIRE - Shape of Things to Come - Right, Chief!

I'm not a gadget guy, but you gotta love this one from Oakley. The RZRWIRE integates Bluetooth wireless access to your cell phone into a cool pair of shades. Talk about lifestyle technology! I'll admit it's pretty geeky, but I have no doubt that the Sonys and Panasonics of the world will soon take this a few steps further and integrate communications technologies into all kinds of mainstream devices or appliances. IP for all seasons will soon become blase.

For those of you who remember Get Smart, the shoe phone was probably the most ingenious idea ever from a TV show, and the RZRWIRE isn't too far removed. Now if you really like Get Smart, you'll no doubt remember the "Laser Blazer". Just had to throw that in since it sounds like the RZRWIRE. C'mon - only Mel Brooks and Buck Henry would dream something like that up - the button on the blazer doubles as a high intensity laser that blows holes through buildings with a single push of the button. Boy, these guys were way ahead of Star Wars. I'll bet if you go back to some of these obscure episodes, you just might come up with the IP killer app we've all been waiting for.