Bloggers Making News

Wanted to share some nice extended pieces that a couple of leading IP bloggers have had recently, namely Andy Abramson and Erik Lagerway.

Erik has been getting some nice recognition for an interview he recently conducted with Cisco's Cullen Jennings about SIP. There's a lot here, but the main idea is how peer to peer SIP is gaining momentum, especially within the IETF. This really helps build the case for SIP being the driver for open standards and enabling end-to-end IP on a scale to match and perhaps surpass Skype.

This raises another important point from the interview - as good as Skype is, it is still a closed system. Of course, the definition of "closed" when you talk about Skype is a matter of debate, but clearly, P2P SIP can reach a far wider community once all the stars line up.

Erik has posted the full-length interview with Cullen on his blog, which you can download as an MP3. It's a terrific listen, and Erik is a fine interviewer! The Reader's Digest version is also posted there in the form of a well-written article by Carolyn Schuk of Voxilla.

Andy is flying high these days. He was just featured in the in flight magazine of Southwest Airlines. Andy gets to talk about how VoIP fits into his digital lifestyle - it's a great way to get the IP story out to the broader population. Great going Andy! And don't forget, Andy is chairing the blogger's roundtable at Fall VON in Boston next month - definitely a must-see session.