VON is #1 - Surprise, Surprise!

Well, you didn't need me to tell you this, but here it is folks. Jeff Pulver's VON conferences are #1. Just ask Kevin Mitchell of Infonetics. They just published a really interesting study where carriers were asked to identify which shows were the most useful.

VON was rated #1 by 59% of respondents. Supercomm was next at 52%, and nobody else comes close after that. Granted, it's a small sample - just 44 respondents, but I think it's a pretty reasonable reflection of the market.

Now, to make it REALLY interesting, I'd like to see them do this again, but this time interviewing the vendors - they're the ones putting up the money to be there.

Regardless, it's great news, and it's something we've all known all along. It's just great to see it validated by a third party.

Hats off to Jeff and his tireless team, and hope that VON keeps setting the bar higher and higher!