VoIP Earns its Stripes

Just a quick post about how reliable and practical VoIP has turned out to be in the wake of the terrible events in London this week. This was also borne out during 9/11 in New York, and reflect the very essence of why the Internet (Arpanet) was created in the first place.

Jeff Pulver raised some poignant issues around the need for Emergency Services for VoIP, and helps focus attention on the need for regulators to see VoIP as a vital component of our overall communications fabric.

With wireline and wireless circuits overloading during disasters, VoIP has stepped in beautifully, and been a real godsend for people in dire need to stay in touch. Of course, VoIP is much more than a disaster backup service, and we really need the regulators to see it this way. It really just puts the onus on the IP communications industry to develop a native solution for IP emergency services, and to become properly understood by the regulators. Jeff's posting provides a link to some insightful ideas from Tom Evslin about this - worth reading.