Red Sox Revisited

I said I'd revisit the Sox after the Yankees series, not realizing they would be playing again so soon.

I'll keep this short - not much to say, really. I guess it's only fitting that the Sox were flying very high last time I posted, and barely two weeks later, after getting cut down by our "Daddy" this weekend, that as of now, we have meekly slipped out of first place.

Eight games with the O's and Yanks on both sides of the All Star break - the perfect time to get it together and put some distance between the pack. We lose 6 of 8. And tonite, only 3 hits at home - to Tampa Bay????? What the hell is that about?

It's no coincidence that Johnny Damon's 29 game hit streak came to an end tonite - just as first place slipped away. Adding insult to injury, he made the final out - not just tonight, but last night too. He had a golden chance to tie the game in the most dramatic way possible on Sunday - Rivera on the ropes - it would have totally turned things around. This is how we broke the curse - by winning these games in our last at bat.

Let's not forget how just before Damon's last at bat against the Yankees, Alex Cora comes up with the bases loaded and none out. Alex who??? Just make contact. Hit a sac fly. Even striking out is ok - the top of the order is coming up. He hits into a DP that was executed brilliantly by A Rod and Posada - incredibly deflating, but par for the course for The Nation. Then - go figure - tonite against Tampa, he gets 2 of the 3 Sox hits. Huh??????

I better stop now - this isn't healthy. It's over. Season's lost. What's the point of scoring 17 runs in 1 game when you can only score 1 or 2 the rest of the time? What doesn't kill us makes us stronger - builds character right? Right? 3 hits against Tampa? Right?

Better take my mind off this and get back to VoIP.