Supercomm News...Jays Rock Cubs and Love in the Fast Lane

Quick post from Supercomm in between the never-ending sessions!

Made my first visit to Wrigley Field last night, and lucky me, the Toronto Blue Jays were in town to play the Cubs. Strange matchup for sure, but it's all good when going to Wrigley!

I grew up with Fenway, but without a doubt, Wrigley is the next best thing. This is just baseball, folks. No video scoreboard, blaring music, endless replays, fan participation contests, kiss-cams. Heck, it's hard work just to find out the score of the game. You really have to follow the game and learn how to read the scoreboard. Gee, what a novel idea - come to a ball game and actually watch it right in front of you.

Love the park - it's so pure, and I never realized how deep it was to the corners - 358' at both ends. No cheap homers here.

Jays played a great game, so I can't complain. Another highlight was the 7th inning stretch, sung by.... Dave Cowens - Celtics great from the 70s when the Celts were the Celts - pre-Bird anyhow. What a treat. Only in Chicago!

On top of that, I shared a taxi with Charlotte Wolter, and we had the most fun ever in a cab. We had the pleasure of riding with Chubby Miller, who, if we believe everything he was telling us, is a legend here. His cab is platered with momentos of the fun stuff he does, and his celebrity as a local character. He's had a few people married in his cab, hence the name "Love in the Fast Lane". If you want the ride of your life with Chubby next time you're in town, let me know - I'll get you his number.

Back to work...

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