VoIP Off and Running in Canada Now

Just a quick coda to yesterday's CRTC decision.

With yesterday's news, it's like the starting gun has fired, and everyone is off to the races - except the incumbents, of course. I would never count them out, that's for sure. They have plenty of resources and smarts to prevent them from being outflanked by competitors, and will certainly play their cards when ready. Until then, the beneficiaries of the CRTC ruling will be in the spotlight.

Two telltale signs that VoIP is out of the blocks now....

1. I'm hearing radio ads for Vonage. Heard them yesterday and this morning. They know the regs are in their favor, and they want consumers to know Vonage is available now. That's good marketing. And of course, just the fact that they're using mainstream media - anyone can do Internet ads. So, it looks like Vonage's $200 million is going to work right away!

2. My Mother called me today asking about VoIP. She's been hearing me talk about VoIP for years now, and finally it's starting to register. It's been in all the papers today, so the public is getting their first taste of what's coming. So, as with other new technologies, when your Mother starts talking about it, you know it's arrived. The pragmatist would also say it's time to sell! I wouldn't. VoIP is just getting started - it's time to buy.

Another indicator is the overall media coverage on the CRTC ruling. I appeared on ROB TV this morning - this is our main financial news network - similar to CNBC in the US. The web replay is only posted for a week, so click now if you want to see it!

Also, Ben Charny of CNET News cited me in his piece earlier today.