VON and VoIP in Canada

Next week, the second Voice on the Net Canada conference is running here in Toronto. Some of you know that the show can't be called VON Canada, which would be consistent with the other VON shows Jeff holds in several markets now. In Canada, the acronym VON is already taken by the Victoria Order of Nurses. Now you know!

The show will be bigger and better than last year, and it reflects the healthy interest the market has in learning more about VoIP.

In support of the show, the Wednesday Globe and Mail ran an insert about VoIP. This is Canada's leading national daily, so it reaches a wide business audience. The insert addresses various aspects of the Canadian VoIP market, and hopefully you'll find this a good read.

It's too difficult to display content formatted for broadsheet, but these pdfs are a handy way to see what the readers see.

Download file

Download file