Personal Housekeeping/Earlier VoIP Articles

Am really encouraged by all the positive comments I've been getting on my blog, both here and via direct email. An especially big thanks to guru Andy Abramson who was kind enough to link me to his well read and highly regarded blog, VoIP Watch.

As soon as I can, I'll be adding a Links section, and his link will be there for sure. And of course, it doesn't hurt having Jeff put the word out on his blog, and adding my blog to his links. Thanks Jeff!

I'm still in catch up mode, and soon I'll be posting in a more timely manner. As a personal matter of good housekeeping, I'd just like to share some VoIP articles of mine with the blogging community that were written while at Frost & Sullivan. I'm also including a recent profile on the use of IP among small businesses in Canada that I was extensively quoted in. For those of you who don't know me, these will give you a good idea of what my recent views on VoIP have been.

These pieces are all in the public domain, so feel free to share them with others. I have a much more extensive profile of public domain media citings, and feel free to contact me to see more.

Globe and Mail - use of IP among small businesses in Canada

Telecommunications Magazine - RBOC VoIP migration update

Telecommunications Magazine - Residential VoIP Outlook

CNET News - op-ed piece on residential VoIP - "I Want My VoIP" - watch for the sequel, coming soon!

Going forward, I'll also provide a regular log of my media citings and articles, so stay tuned.