Shout-out for My October Newsletter

My newsletter is becoming a regular thing now, and the current issue has been sent now to subscribers. Of course, I’d love for all my readers to be subscribers, but that’s your call, not mine. First, you have to be following me, of course - but since the newsletter is fairly new, you need to know about that as well, and that’s why I’m writing this post.

I will have a newsletter archive coming soon, and I do plan to start posting podcasts from the newsletter here on my site a few weeks after sending out the newsletter - I’d like to keep that content exclusive to subscribers for a while first. To pique your interest, the current podcast is with colleague Chris Fine, where we discuss the findings and implications about a recent report produced by Aruba Networks on the impact of digital transformation on the workplace - very interesting stuff, for sure.

For now, though, subscribing is the only way to check out the podcast, along with all my regular updates, including highlights from our SIPtones show at the recent SCTC conference. Signing up is easy - here’s one way - or just wander around the site - you can’t miss it!

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Cybercrime and Collaboration on Collision Course? My Latest on No Jitter

If you can say that title three times fast, maybe it will make more sense. Cybercrime touches just about everything these days, but it’s usually not top of the list for collaboration. It really should be, and that’s what this post is about.

At the recent SCTC conference, there was a great keynote about the state of cybercrime, and I've filtered that through the lens for collaboration. Even if that doesn’t resonate, am sure the issues on a broader, global scale will, and you can read the post here on No Jitter.


My Next Webinar - with No Jitter and Lucidchart

I’ve got a busy month on the webinar front, and here’s the next one to tell you about. This time around, I’m doing an Enterprise Connect webinar, so you’ll also hear about it through their main channel, No Jitter. I’ll be presenting on workplace trends that are making collaboration so important, and the challenges faced by IT to properly support them. One of those trends is around how workers collaborate today, and the value that visual applications can bring to make complex concepts or workflows easier to manage, especially with disparate teams.

The webinar is a little more that two weeks, out - Wednesday, October 24 - and all the details are here. I hope you can join us!


SCTC Conference - Quick Take, Pix and Video

Been all-out busy since returning from SCTC’s annual conference, and am determined to get a quick recap posted before the week is out. Aside from this post, my next No Jitter column will run early next week, and it’s about the conference keynote about cybercrime - it was very good, so watch for that.

Aside from attending, I wore a few hats, namely giving the locknote presentation, playing a gig with the SIPtones, and even playing “UC Cookoff” Jeopardy. Overall, the conference had a strong mix of content, both from member speakers and the vendors during their segments.

SCTC is a small, but very collegial group, and being the only active analyst member (and probably with the highest public profile), you may not know much about this world. Most consultants in telecom and/or the broader communications space are not members, but it seems to me they could benefit from the collective knowledge base here. That’s a topic for another day, and for now, here are some high level takeaways and pix.

  • Cybercrime keynote from Lou Giannotti, IT Director, U.S. Naval Academy - really interesting perspectives, and that’s the focus of my upcoming No Jitter post.

  • Cloud panel debate - healthy back and forth of the merits of both cloud and on-prem. There’s a lot of old-school expertise in SCTC, and it’s easy to forget legacy basics - but it still drives a lot of thinking in IT circles.

  • Good overviews from the vendors, especially Genesys in talking about how the cloud helps enterprises prepare for the “exponential effect” of digital transformation, and Sprint for what’s coming with 5G and IoT.

  • Engaging talk from consultant Dennis Goodhart on disruptive technologies. Mostly familiar for me, but not for everyone there, and more importantly, this is what their clients need know to be on the right side of technology change. That said, legacy telecom isn’t in my DNA, so the Strowger switch was new learning - gee, what a great story! Nothing has changed in terms of why people do what they do…..

  • Our SIPtones gig went quite well. Too bad we only had one set, but it was fun and the dance floor was full - mission accomplished. Our time spent rehearsing the weekend before - see my “Little Pink” post for more - was definitely the right idea.

Below - welcome comments from Annapolis Mayor, Gavin Buckley, the cloud panel and “UC Cookoff” Jeopardy:

Below - another highlight - tour of the U.S. Naval Academy - tons of history, John Paul Jones crypt, inspiring architecture, and geez, I wish I could have played that organ!

Speaking of music, some of our SIPtones saga: “Little Pink” - lake house in the Adirondacks where we rehearsed, a taste of the pastoral setting, and the gig itself, held at the Naval Academy Club:

Finally, if you haven’t seen this, here’s a 10 second clip of us playing Tequila, courtesy of our guest singer, Jennifer Kang. Stay tuned - literally - more video coming. Need a band for your next event? :-)

My New Podcast with Genesys - Business Case for CCaaS

Well, this is actually two podcasts - a long one broken up into two parts. Been working on this one a while - it’s hosted by UK-based publisher EM360 - Enterprise Management 360, and sponsored by Genesys.

Joining me on the podcast was Bobbi Chester and Randy Carter of Genesys, and we covered a lot of ground around digital transformation, and why businesses need to be thinking about the cloud as a deployment model for contact center. This may be first nature for us, but legacy-based contact centers have a lot of catching up to do, and if this sounds like you, our commentary will be timely, and hopefully informative.

The discussion ran long, so EM360 wisely broke it up into two episodes, and you can give them a listen here. As always, your comments are welcome, as is any sharing.

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