Outbound Communication and Taking Contact Centers to the Next Level

That's the title of my latest guest post to the RingCentral blog. There's a good chance you don't follow it, and I'm just one of many third party contributors, so it's good resource for current trends in UC and customer care. I hope you give my post a read, and from there, I'm sure you'll find other posts of interest as well.

Monage Spotlight: Bots, Messaging and UC in the Enterprise

That's the title of the session I'll be speaking on at next week's Monage conference in San Jose. Joining me will be Chris Fine, where we'll reprise the topic from last fall's inaugural Monage in Boston. Here's the full event schedule, and if you scroll down the page to Thursday, you'll see our session is scheduled for 11am.

More importantly, it's not too late to attend, and if you're still deciding, you should explore the Monage website, especially the impressive speaker roster, and the YouTube clip on the home page with Jeff Pulver giving his personal pitch to come, as only Jeff can! It's great, and if you follow him on Facebook, he's got a new clip there you won't want to miss.

Amazon Chime - Did They Buy the Wrong Company?

Based on what I see in the ever-changing collaboration market, I think it's a fair question. My reasons and perspectives are shared in my latest column posted now on No Jitter.

In short, the underlying technology is important when making these acquisitions, but given how quickly things evolve these days, nobody nails it going in, and other factors will ultimately dictate success.

My view is that this is more about going with a strategy that works in this market, and my analysis looks at two paths - being a disruptor or an innovator. If you give it a read, you'll know what I think, and then I'd love to hear what you think.

Here Comes Gen Z - My Webinar is Tomorrow

Just one more post as a reminder about my webinar tomorrow at 2pm ET. 

This is my latest Ziff Davis webinar, and the title is self-explanatory. If you want to learn more about how Gen Z is different from Gen Y, and how businesses need to think about collaboration with them, then you'll want to join me. More info is here on the registration page.


Here Comes Gen Z - My Next Webinar

I've had a steady run of webinars lately, and my next one is coming up fast - next Wednesday at 2pm ET. The title is self-explanatory, and the topic builds on a series of posts I wrote recently for Ziff Davis on the emerging demographic, Generation Z.

They're on the cusp of entering the workplace, and in terms of collaboration, they won't be doing things exactly like their predecessors, Millennials. Am looking forward to sharing my perspectives on the webinar, and hope you can make it - all the details are here on the registration page.