UCStrategies Special Podcast - Avaya's Chapter 11 News

This was one of those news items that's too big to let pass, and many of us at UCStrategies were keen to share our thoughts on Avaya's long-awaited financial fate. It's easy to view Chapter 11 as a knockout punch, but just look at how the US auto sector rebounded since their financial collapse years ago. Of course, it doesn't always work out - Nortel - but Avaya has strong fundamentals, and with a fresh start financially, they could have a bright future.

Enough from me - you really should give a listen to what we all had to say from a variety of angles. Here's the link to the podcast, and we'd love to hear your thoughts.

UCStrategies Podcast - Thoughts on Recent News

It's not often I get to blog twice in a week about our regular UCStrategies podcasts. Our latest segment was a catch-all highlighting recent industry news. We usually have a specific topic, but this time around, we touched on a few current items, namely Sequoia Capital's $100M investment in Zoom - wow - Unify's one year update since being acquired by Atos, and some promising Avaya updates.

The current state of Avaya is something else altogether, and knowing there would be imminent news, we put that on hold. With the news now being public, we'll be addressing that on a special podcast recording later today, so look for that early next week.

Until then, here's our podcast about everything else that's going on.

Just When You Thought UC Was the Answer...

That's the title of my current Rethinking Communications column, which I've been writing for a few years now. The column runs in TMC's flagship publication, Internet Telephony Magazine, which has just switched from 10x/year publishing to a quarterly issue.

My roots are in the trade publishing business, so I totally understand the switch in today's market. That also explains why you haven't seen anything recently from my column, as the last article ran back in early September.

 A lot has happened since then, and my current column speaks to the down side of UC being a moving target. While it's great that UC is so adaptable, its shape-shifting nature makes it more of a Swiss army knife than a precision instrument that does one thing really, really well. As such, while it's easy to think that UC will solve all your collaboration challenges, it has some blind spots, and to some extent, messaging has exposed one of them. 

That's the focus of my current column, and I'll have more to say about this in future posts. Until then, I hope you give my article a read, and as always, sharing and comments are welcome.

UCStrategies Podcast - Predictions, Expectations and Hopes for 2017

Following up from our previous podcast - 2016 Year in Review - it was time to look ahead to what we see coming in the current year. There's disruption and consolidation around every corner, and with a group as diverse as ours, we had plenty of perspectives to share.

This podcast was moderated by Blair Pleasant, and I  was one of several UC Experts contributing thoughts to the conversation. It's posted now on the portal, and after you give it a listen, we'd love to hear what you think 2017 holds in store for the UCC space.

2016 in Review - Our UCStrategies Podcast

2016 was so exhausting in terms of change, disruption and innovation, I had to take 10 days off at the break to regroup. Not quite recharged yet, but should be back up to speed next week.

Until then, if you're still wondering what to make of 2016 in the UCC space, our latest UCStrategies podcast will be time well spent. Sure, the cloud was a big deal, and so was CPaaS, and Slack, and the latest rounds of consolidation, both real and imagined. If that's not enough, get ready to hear a lot about IoT, AI, bots, and yes, mobile UC.

Sounds like a trailer for a tech blockbuster movie, and maybe that's what we'll see in 2017. Enough said - our podcast is posted now on the portal, with this one ably moderated by Marty Parker.  So, please listen, learn and share!