Thoughts on ITExpo - Where the Phones Are

That's the title of my latest analysis, wearing my BC Expert hat for BCStrategies. For this month's post, I've done a recap of last week's ITExpo in Fort Lauderdale. I posted about it here on my blog a few times leading up to the expo, and now it's time for my post-expo takeaways.

ITExpo is certainly a different vibe from next month's uber-event, Enterprise Connect, and I've been posting about that here as well. Not too many analysts make it to both events, so I'll be doing a similar recap about Enterprise Connect for BCStrategies later next month. Until then, here's my take on ITExpo, and if you were there, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Preview of my Speech Tech Tutorial at Enterprise Connect on No Jitter

Got a few messages to unpack in that headline, as preparations for Enterprise Connect 2018 kick into high gear.

1. This is my first time at Enterprise Connect, and I'll be one of the very first speakers, presenting a tutorial on speech technology at 8am, Monday, March 12.

2. I wrote a preview article about my tutorial - all the details are there - and it's running now on No Jitter. Would love it if you could attend my session!

3. This may be my first rodeo with EC, but I'm a regular contributor to No Jitter - here's my profile page if you want to see my other posts.

4. We're all in sales, and here's my modest pitch if you haven't made plans yet. Use this link to register by midnight, March 9, and you'll get $500 off the price.

5. I hope you like the preview article, and if you do, I'm pretty sure you'll like my tutorial. Don't be shy - be social - use #EC18 and @enterprisecon to share.

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The Evolution of UC Technologies - My Latest on TechTarget

Am way behind sharing my recent published posts here on the blog. ITExpo was very good last week, and I'll have a post on that any day now. Looking ahead, I've got a post coming about next month's Enterprise Connect, so watch for that as well.

For now, I'm sharing a link to this writeup I did for TechTarget. It ran on their site middle of last week, and has been getting a lot of social media buzz. In case you missed it, here's the link, along with this really nice infographic they put together to support it.

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My Current Newsletter is Out - Signed Up Yet?

JUst a quick shout-out about my newsletter, which I finally got going in December. Some of you follow my blog on your own, and many track it via RSS. That's fine, but what I really want is for you to sign up for my newsletter, which I'm trying to make into a monthly thing.

That's easier said than done given all the hats I wear, but the February edition has now been sent to subscribers, and the feedback has been positive. If you don't know, it includes exclusive content that I don't post here on the blog. So, if you want "more JAA" in your life, just sign up to subscribe, and you'll soon get the current newsletter. It's real easy - there are forms in the margins and footers of my website, and it just takes a few seconds. What are you waiting for?


Updated Outlook on Avaya - Our BCStrategies Podcast

Got my hands full here at ITExpo this week, and am behind on writing and blogging. Got a few posts to get out today, starting with this one.

Having emerged from Chapter 11 and going IPO last month, Avaya has the makings of the Great American Comeback story. The elements are certainly there, but many big questions still remain, and this isn't really a clean slate fresh start.

That's the focus of our latest BCStrategies (nee UCStrategies) podcast, and it's posted now on our portal. Many of my BCS colleagues were at Avaya's recent Engage event, so they got first-hand updates on the road ahead. Lots to talk about, and I added some thoughts as well - you can listen to the podcast here, and we'd love to get your feedback.

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