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"Jon's research looks into the marketplace analyzing the impact of new technologies and market developments on IP strategies and IP investment decisions of financial institutions. From a strategy perspective, you can count on his creative talents and innovative thinking. If you enjoy working with high energy, talented and intelligent people; and if you require objective validation, clarity and understanding, that's what you'll get by working with J Arnold & Associates."
Howard Thaw
COO, Iotum Corp.
"Jon has been a valuable resource for us, as he brings a strong understanding of IP, and how TELUS is using it to deliver value to our customers. We often look to Jon as a recognized expert and being well regarded across the industry."
David Copp
Marketing Director, TELUS Business Solutions

I Also Have a Blog

I've been maintaining an IP communications blog since March 2005, and like all blogs, it's a work in progress. Please come visit to see what's on my mind each day, and find out which blogs I like to read.

Blogs are highly personal, so you can also read my occasional missives on my other passions, like the Red Sox, the Blues, and cinema and popular culture. For convenience, you can subscribe to any of my feeds with a simple mouse click and get them hand-delivered, so to speak.

» Jon Arnold's blog

"Jon Arnold is one of the most strategic minds in the VoIP space, and his insights have always been valuable for me as a reporter."
Om Malik
Senior Writer, Business 2.0
"Jon is a high profile strategic thinker, who is able to rapidly focus on given problem/task, grasp a vast amount of information from numerous sources (including his impressive contact network) and distill it down in order to craft strategies around it.

I have known Jon for a few years now, and always enjoy working with him and value very much his reliability, always objective insights into the industry as one of the top analysts in the field."
Alan Duric
Co-founder and CTO, Telio
"Jon Arnold possesses the rare combination of technical expertise along with a pragmatic business sense of the critical success factors necessary to succeed in the telecom industry. He has strong vision within the IP communications sector, and is a true professional who delivers high quality results."
Michael Myshrall
Managing Director, Mercator Capital
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