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May 2012 - Jon Arnold named to Zpryme's Smart Grid Advisory Board

Some of my readers know that I wear a second hat in the smart grid arena, and have been active there for a few years. Aside from co-producing the successful Smart Grid Summit with TMC for two years and driving thought leadership for their Smart Grid Portal (which peaked at over 2 million monthly page views), I have been closely aligned with Austin-based Zpryme Research.

On May 14, Zpryme announced their Smart Grid Advisory Board, and I'm very pleased to be included in that group. Five others are on the board, including Andres Carvallo and Christine Hertzog, both of whom I've enjoyed working with in this space. Zpryme has a great niche and I anticipate getting busier with them as the year goes on and gas prices remain high!

April 2011 - ADTRAN Blog - my new Unified Communications column

I've had a good history with ADTRAN, and with the recent launch of their thought leadership blog portal, think.share.lead, they've engaged me to be a regular contributor, focused on Unified Communications. It's a great opportunity to provide ongoing posting about a space I follow closely, and an area that really needs to be better understood. I'll be posting 1-2 times a week, and I hope you follow me there - and if you like it, you can spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and other places - it's all there on the portal.


February 2011 - Exony - Hosted Contact Center Blog

I recently started a thought leadership engagement with U.K.-based Exony. They provide high end data analytics to help hosted contact centers better manage what's going on in the field. Better data means better decisions, and to help enterprises better understand this space, I'll be writing a bi-monthly column of exclusive content that will be featured on their website. The broad focus is on hosted contact centers, and each time around, I'll be exploring something new. It's a fascinating area, and I'm learning more with every posting. You can follow the posts here, and if there's a hot topic you'd like me to examine, please drop me a note.


March 15, 2010 - Focus.com - JAA now a Focus Expert

June 1, 2010 - UPDATE - JAA is now a Focus Adviser


I have been affiliated with Focus for some time, and we are now working more closely together. If you don't know them, Focus runs a family of widely-followed portals, a few of which fall into my everyday sphere.

As of today,
I have been added to their roster of Focus Experts, and you'll be hearing from me regularly, particularly about VoIP, SMB communications and marketing strategies. Their portal is well worth exploring, and it's hard to visit and not find a topic you want to jump in on and add your thoughts. I hope to see you there soon, and if I can't answer your question, I'm sure someone there can.


Media Gateway 2.0 Webinar with TelcoBridges - November 4, 2009 - Register Now

I just finished a White Paper for TelcoBridges, an up-and-coming Canadian media gateway vendor. They've actually been at this for a long time, and are finally gaining some nice traction and industry recognition.

The focus of the webinar is on the evolution of media gateways from 1.0 to 2.0, as well what TelcoBridges brings to the market in terms of their intelligent media gateway product portfolio.

We're doing the webinar at two times next Wednesday - November 4 - at noon for the North American market, and again at 9pm for Asia. The press release is out now with more detail, and if just want to register now, here's the link. Hope you'll join us!


New Ventures Launched - Intelligent Communications Partners and the Smart Grid Summit - July 2009

It's been a very busy time lately, but very productive. There are two news items here.
1. I've formed a new venture with Toronto-based tech entrepreneur, Shidan Gouran. It's called Intelligent Communications Partners, and our focus is on the Smart Grid space. We see an exciting opportunity here and you'll be hearing more about it as we lead up to the Smart Grid Summit on September 1.
2. Our venture - ICP - is partnering with TMC for two new initiatives, and you can read about the details in the press release, which ran July 27.
One is the aforementioned Smart Grid Summit, which will be part of TMC's IT Expo in Los Angeles a month from now. The conference website just launched, so you can register any time. There is limited information there now, but that will soon change as the program rounds out a bit more. We think the Smart Grid Summit will be a unique forum, bringing together the worlds of energy, smart home, telecom and IT.
Second is the Smart Grid portal, which will be our home base for the development of ongoing thought leadership and community building around this space. We're open to good ideas from new voices, and to quickly learn more about our vision, please read our welcome letter on the portal.


Updated Affiliation with Unified Communications Strategies - June 2009

I've been an occasional contributor to the Unified Communications Strategies portal for quite some time, and there's definitely a great group of people behind it. This is mainly the product of Jim Burton, and along with his associates, they've  expanded UCS into a true destination portal for all things UC.

Since so much of my work these days touches on UC, it's a good time to get close to their group, and that has now taken the form of me being classed as a UC Expert. As the link will show you, this puts me in pretty good company, among people I see regularly and whose views I definitely trust.
As this relationship takes shape, expect to see some exclusive contributions from me on the portal, and I hope to participate in upcoming events such as webinars or podcasts, so stay tuned. And most important of all, if you follow UC, you should bookmark UCS now and make sure to visit often! Hopefully I've given you another reason to do so.


SIP Trunking Webinar with Mitel - June 30, 2009

Just a shout-out to let you know I'll be doing a webinar on SIP Trunking that's sponsored by Mitel on June 30. I've done a few things around this space recently, and there's a lot of opportunity for both enterprises/SMBs and carriers. I'll be exploring these facets and others on the webinar and I hope you can join the call.

The webinar is part of Mitel's Discovery Series and they sent their first email notice about it this morning. You can get all the details here, including a link for registration (and yes, it's free).

You can also get the details in the Discovery Series section of their website. Either way you're just a couple of clicks away, and by all means, spread the word to anyone who wants an update on SIP Trunking - thanks, if you can.


JAA Now a Contributor to The Mark News - June 2009

The Mark is a Toronto-based news portal that just launched a couple of weeks ago. It offers a mix of current events news/analysis along with independent insights/perspectives about all kinds of topics, including tech. I'd say it's Canada's version of the Huffington Post, but so far, it's not quite as cheeky or satirical. I very much like what I see so far, and perhaps this is a sign of what the future holds for the press.
With that said, here's my news. I've been added as a Contributor to The Mark, and my first piece is running now. After you read my article, feel free to comment, and by all means explore the portal. It's still in Beta, so all feedback is welcome. I for one am glad to see The Mark come about, and hope it gets the traction they're expecting. It's too early to tell if this really is a 2.0-style template, but the pieces are there, and time will tell.

Use Amazon Kindle? Then Subscribe to my Blog! - March 17, 2009

This has been in the works for a while, but I can finally get the word out. If you're a Kindle user, you can now enjoy my blog for less than 4 cents a day! Amazon has the right idea here, by making as much written content as possible available for Kindle users to help them make the most of their out-and-about time.
The subscription costs a whopping 99 cents a month, and you even get a free 14 day trial - how can you lose? To subscribe to my blog, click here to get to the Amazon Kindle Store, and, you're just one click away from getting with the program.
Apologies for making this a two step process. Once I work some bugs out, all you'll need to do is click on the Kindle badge above - coming soon.


Join Me, Qwest and VoIP-News for a Webinar - March 18, 2009

I've been invited to present on a webinar being produced by VoIP News, and is titled "Optimizing Your Communications in a Recession". The title is pretty self-explanatory, and I'll be joined by Qwest Business and ADVODA Communications.

I'll be presenting the independent analyst perspective on the various IP and SIP-based communications tools available today, as well as how they can be used for maximum benefit in tough times.

The webinar is free, and runs for an hour, starting at 1pm EST. You can read more about it as well as register here. I hope you can join us, and if you miss it, you can still register and listen to the archived version.


Gerson Lehrman Group - Now a Leader, January 2009

I've been on the Gerson Lehrman Group's roster for many years, and I recently became a Leader, meaning that I rank in the top 5% of experts consulting for their clients. I look forward to working more closely with GLG in 2009, and would recommend them to any other industry expert looking to better leverage their knowledge.


New Home/Name for my Blog - Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog - December 2008

On December 15, my long-running blog re-launched from its new home. I've been planing to make this move for some time, and due to unforeseen difficulties with my previous host, I had to do this move on very short notice.
Apologies if my blog went missing for you, and this is one way to update you on the change. Whether you're new to my blog or a current reader, please update your links and I hope to see you on my new site soon.
Here's the link to my new blog - Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog.
While you're there, please spend some time exploring the portal. This website is the portal I launched in March with fellow indie consultant, Marc Robins. IP Communications Insights serves as a voice for independent analysts, and in today's economy, we believe there's a real need for this perspective and of course the services we can provide.


Jon Arnold Added to Judges Panel for Canadian Channel Elite Awards - September 2008

I was recently invited by the publishers of Canadian Dealer News to be a judge for the Channel Elite Awards. The judges need to review submissions from about 70 companies, and evaluate them against a series of criteria, such as innovation, customer service and sales improvements. Well, the judging process is done now, and you'll have to wait until the Awards Gala here in Toronto on October 28 to find out.

Jon Arnold Added to the Advisory Board of eComm 2009 - September 2008

eComm 2009 will be here sooner than you think, and I've  been added to this year's Advisory Board. It's a lot of work to develop an agenda and then find appropriate speakers, but it's coming along nicely. The best way to stay up to date is to follow the eComm blog, which is also where you can find out about the Call for Speakers that recently went out.

Jon Arnold Added to Editorial Advisory Board of Business Trends Quarterly - July 23, 2008

I've been contributing to Business Trends Quarterly for a while, and was recently invited to join their Editorial Advisory Board. BTQ produces first rate content on a regular basis, and I'm pleased to be part of the editorial mix, and having a voice in guiding their future coverage. I will continue contributing content to BTQ, and have a new article coming soon on social media.


Jon Arnold's Blog Included in Guy Kawasaki's Alltop VoIP Blogs - July 9, 2008


Alltop's VoIP Blogs was launched in July 2008, and Jon Arnold's Blog is included in this group of top blogs on VoIP. Aside from my blog, this site is a great resource for other VoIP blogs worth following.


Jon Arnold's Blog Included in VoIP Now's Top 100 Telecom Blogs - May 7, 2008

VoIP Now has included my blog in their list of Top 100 Telecom Blogs, so I've been getting my fair share of recognition lately. The top 100 blogs are grouped into 8 categories, of which VoIP is the biggest, and that's where my blog can be found. Here's what they had to say about my blog:
"Arnold is an independent analyst/consultant focused on the IP communications sector, based out of Toronto, Ontario. Before he began this stint as the principal of J. Arnold & Associates, he was the VoIP Program Leader at the industry analyst firm, Frost & Sullivan. So, as he says, he’s “had a good run in this space since its coming of age.” Arnold’s blog proves that he is one of the most authoritative voices in VoIP today."


Jon Arnold's Blog Rated #1 Among Telecoms by Blogger.com - May 5, 2008

You can read the full story about this on my blog, and I welcome your own ratings!  And by all means, feel free to suggest other blogs you'd like to see them rate.




Tech Target - Ask The Expert - Unified Communications - May 1, 2008

I was recently invited by Tech Target to be part of their roster of experts, which I'm happy to do. We just started working together, and I'm fielding inquiries for their Unified Communications portal. My first Ask The Expert postings were published this week, and there are four of them on the site - here, here, here and here. To review them, you need to register - it just takes a minute, and it's free. Hope you spend some time exploring Tech Target - they have lots of great portals, and I'm looking forward to doing more of these soon.

IP Communications Insights Launches - March 11, 2008


On March 11, Marc Robins and I finally launched our venture, IP Communications Insights. Like me, Marc is an independent industry analyst/consultant, and we've both been closely covering IP communications for several years. We will continue to operate our practices - Robins Consulting Group and J Arnold & Associates - but are working as partners to build IPCI into a strong voice for independent analysis, thought leadership and industry research. You can read more about it from the press release as well.
Our portal will have a wide variety of timely and relevant content, including blogs, podcasts, industry news and a newsletter that we hope you will subscribe to. We are also launching a series of industry reports that we believe will become our trademark. Our initial studies are underway now, and we believe there is an eager market for reports that are strategic, affordable, and presented from an independent analyst perspective.
Finally, we are using the portal to educate the market about our diverse range of research and consulting services, and together, we think it's a pretty comprehensive offering. To find out more, please visit our website, and give us a call! There Skype click-to-call widgets on the site, so we won't be hard to find.
Oh - and if you like what you see, we'd love to have you as an advertiser or sponsor!


Recent Advisory Board Appointments

Most recently, Jon had been added to the Advisory Boards of the IT360 Conference, and Trender Research.


Webinar with America's Growth Capital - February 1, 2008 @ 1:00 pm

This news item is to tell you about an upcoming webinar that I'm pretty excited to be part of. Boston-based investment bank America's Growth Capital is hosting a webinar titled "IP Essentials", and I will be providing the independent analyst perspective along with their Senior Research Analyst, Catharine Trebnick.

Together, we'll be exploring, discussing and analyzing key trends impacting the communications infrastructure space. The target audience is the investment community, and is by invitation only. You can read more about the webinar and how to request an invitation at their website here.

The webinar is scheduled for Friday, February 1 at 1:00 pm, and we're anticipating a good turnout. To receive a copy of the presentation and a summary of our commentary, please drop me a line. If things go well, we may extend this to a regular series, which I think would be a great vehicle to inform and educate the investment community about the latest trends in our space.


Service Provider Views Column Debuts on TMCnet - January 16, 2008


Today marked the launch of a bi-monthly column I'll be writing for TMCnet, the world's most visited site on the Web for the IP communications sector. The column is titled Service Provider Views, and will feature various perspectives about this space, not just from me, but from readers as well. I really hope to bring some thought leadership to the topic, and would love to hear your thoughts.
My first article is titled "What is a Service Provider?", and you can read it here. For reference, there's a press release announcing the column, as well as welcome comments from both Rich Tehrani and Greg Galitzine of TMC. Thanks for the good words, guys, and I look forward to setting the bar high for your readers.


IP Convergence TV Web Portal Launches - October 25, 2007

IP Convergence TV is an industry-based web portal focused on IP Convergence, and particularly VoIP, IPTV, FMC and IMS applications. The portal has been developed to become a focal point of thought leadership and high quality content to help service providers better understand how they can effectively adopt convergence technologies.
I'm involved in this initiative and serve as the Portal Editor and Community Advocate. It's a pretty engaging role, and my job is keep the content on target, and I'll be making regular contributions of my own. I should point out that this is a non-profit site. The core content is contributed by a charter group of sponsors, led by Comverse. That said, we are also drawing from a wider pool of thought leaders, so the perspectives will be pretty broad.
I'll leave it at that for now, and would simply encourage you to visit and learn about what the portal is all about and what it has to offer. There's lots to explore, and you can sign up free for regular updates.
A press release will be issued on the launch date under my name, and we're expecting to attract a lot of interest. The portal is definitely going to evolve, and if you're following IP convergence, I'm sure you find the content and the concept of interest. Hope to see you there.


IPTV Middleware Webinar with Espial - September 18 2007


On September 18, I'll be participating on a webinar sponsored by Espial. The topic will be a TCO - Total Cost of Ownership - analysis of middleware, and the role it plays in making IPTV deployments more cost effective and successful. The webinar runs from 12 to 1pm, and registration is free. You can read more about it and register here. Hope you can make it!

New Videocast Series Launched on BlogTV.ca - Teen Tech Reviews

On May 21, JA&A's first videocast was broadcast live on BlogTV.ca. This is a unique social networking portal that carries live Web-based broadcasts across a number of "channels", and archives all the broadcasts for future viewing.
This broadcast marks the debut of our weekly series called Teen Tech Reviews, where I am the host, and each week, my son Max reviews a cool gadget or technology. The idea is to create a forum that shows how teenagers use and experience these tools. Our first segment was a review of the Nokia N800 tablet, and if you can spare 8 minutes, Max can show and tell you all about it. And for a bit more background on what we're doing, as well as what BlogTV.ca is all about, read about it here.

NOTE - the BlogTV.ca website can only be accessed in Canada. If you can't enter the site, please visit my blog and search for our reviews there. I have separate blog posts for each review, and using an embedded link, you can view them there regardless of where you're located.




Next JA&A/TMC Web Summit:  VoIP Peering II -

Filling in the Knowledge Gaps for Carriers - March 29, 2pm


Our next Web Summit is on March 29, 2007, and builds on the success of the first VoIP Peering Web Summit held last July. XConnect and NexTone are returning as sponsors, and will be joined by Arbinet. It's a free event, and you can find out more about it here, as well as how to register. Hope you can join us!


JA&A Now Contributing to the Unified

Communications Strategies Portal

Jim Burton's UCS portal is the definitive resource for Unified Communications and Unified Messaging. Numerous experts in this space contribute content regularly, and I recently have begun contributing when my work takes me there. My posts and podcasts are easy to find on the portal, and it just takes a minute to register for full access to the content. My most recent post is an article I wrote for Microsoft's Canadian Connections Newsletter, and you can view it here.


JA&A Now a Contributor to Business Trends Quarterly;

First Article Published in the Q1 2007 Edition

You can review my profile along with other contributors on the BTQ website. At the home page, click on the Q1 2007 tab. Scroll down, and you'll see a link to my article, titled "VoIP 2007 Outlook". You need to register to access the file, but it's free, and just takes a minute. If you prefer the print edition, you can sign up there for a free subscription.


JA&A Collaborating With Robins Consulting Group;

Newsletter Coming Soon, Followed by a Web Portal

On January 22, 2007, we issued a press release about this. Updates will be posted here, as well as to Marc Robins's blog, Beyond VoIP.


Season's Greetings Everyone!

Click here to see my Season's Greetings video message, made using SightSpeed. All the best for the season!


 Jon Arnold Ranked #31 on "Most Influential People in VoIP" List



November 13, 2006 - VoIP News published its "50 Most Influential People in VoIP" , and Jon Arnold was ranked #31 - thanks! 



Marketing Partnership - StockIM - Leading Portal for Small Cap Stocks


J Arnold & Associates has formed a marketing partnership with StockIM, a Voice 2.0-style portal focused on the small cap sector. JA&A's blog is linked on this site, and is also featured in the Partner section of the portal. Look for a news release soon as this partnership evolves.

UPDATE - StockIM featured in Barron's, October 23, 2006



Service Provider Web Summits - co-produced by J Arnold & Associates and TMC:




Our first Web Summit was on Thursday, July 27 at 2pm. The topic was VoIP Peering and I hosted the event, along with XConnect, NexTone and Kayote NetworksIn case you missed it, the Web Summit has now been archived, and you can replay it by linking to it from here.


Press release about Web Summit series with TMC  


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Taking to the Air, page 11 Telus IP Solutions Magazine, Fall 2006


Skype's Video Calling Beta Aims to Bridge Mac-PC Gap, MacNewsWorld, September 13, 2006


White Paper: Open Source IP Telephony, produced by J Arnold & Associates LinuxDevices.com, September 11, 2006


AIM to Open AOL PhoneLine to Developers, TechNewsWorld, September 8, 2006


JA&A - Most Recent Articles and White Papers:

White Paper: Open Source IP Telephony, prepared by J Arnold & Associates, posted September 11, 2006 on LinuxDevices.com
Intelligent Content Distribution: A Critical Enabler for IPTV, Jon Arnold and Danny Klein, Telecommunications Magazine, September 2006
Technologies to Watch for Enterprise IP Telephony, Jon Arnold, Telemanagement Magazine, #238, September 2006

"Jon's research looks into the marketplace analyzing the impact of new technologies and market developments on IP strategies and IP investment decisions of financial institutions. From a strategy perspective, you can count on his creative talents and innovative thinking. If you enjoy working with high energy, talented and intelligent people; and if you require objective validation, clarity and understanding, that's what you'll get by working with J Arnold & Associates."
Howard Thaw
COO, Iotum Corp.
"Jon has been a valuable resource for us, as he brings a strong understanding of IP, and how TELUS is using it to deliver value to our customers. We often look to Jon as a recognized expert and being well regarded across the industry."
David Copp
Marketing Director, TELUS Business Solutions

I Also Have a Blog

I've been maintaining an IP communications blog since March 2005, and like all blogs, it's a work in progress. Please come visit to see what's on my mind each day, and find out which blogs I like to read.

Blogs are highly personal, so you can also read my occasional missives on my other passions, like the Red Sox, the Blues, and cinema and popular culture. For convenience, you can subscribe to any of my feeds with a simple mouse click and get them hand-delivered, so to speak.

» Jon Arnold's blog

"Jon Arnold is one of the most strategic minds in the VoIP space, and his insights have always been valuable for me as a reporter."
Om Malik
Senior Writer, Business 2.0
"Jon is a high profile strategic thinker, who is able to rapidly focus on given problem/task, grasp a vast amount of information from numerous sources (including his impressive contact network) and distill it down in order to craft strategies around it.

I have known Jon for a few years now, and always enjoy working with him and value very much his reliability, always objective insights into the industry as one of the top analysts in the field."
Alan Duric
Co-founder and CTO, Telio
"Jon Arnold possesses the rare combination of technical expertise along with a pragmatic business sense of the critical success factors necessary to succeed in the telecom industry. He has strong vision within the IP communications sector, and is a true professional who delivers high quality results."
Michael Myshrall
Managing Director, Mercator Capital
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